Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I want to be the one to walk in the sun

(Jane and Kobe at the 10/05 L.A. blogger's Party)

Everyone has to have a hero or two. You know, someone who just does it better than anyone else. Or maybe someone who does what we wish we could do, if only we were braver, or more committed, or . . .

Jane Hamsher is a hero of mine. For all the things the public sees, and for all the things I've seen in her personally. She's a gutsy broad (I use that term lovingly) who says what she feels and damn the cost, a proud patriotic American who calls bullshit where she sees it, and a committed presence in the netroots who is making a difference in our world.

For that, and more, I wish her all the best in her newest fight:
In mid-December I was diagnosed with breast cancer for the third time. It's a bit more serious this time and treatment is going to have to be more extensive. I owe a huge debt of thanks to all the folks on the blog who have stepped in and allowed me time to investigate treatment options with many physicians and make an informed decision on that front. In addition to regulars like Christy, Pach and TRex who have taken over many of my duties, I also need to express my thanks to commenters like Scarecrow, Looseheadprop, Peterr, Hugh and Oilfieldguy who have done incredible work posting so that I could take this time off. Guest posters like Taylor Marsh, Swopa, Steve Gilliard, Watertiger, Howie Klein and others have also pitched in, and no amount of words can thank the incredible RGB, our site administrator, who has taken it upon himself to coordinate all these disparate elements on the fly. It's been a daunting task and he has managed it spectacularly.

So. Pray if that is your need. Send good vibes if that works for you. And if you have an extra few bucks in your pocket, send it either here:

Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

or here:

Chao Family Cancer Research Center

Good places both.

Update: Or you can send a few Dollars, Pounds, Euro, Shekels, Gold Grickels, or whatever your local currency is to the Firedoglake fund drive.