Friday, January 26, 2007

Life is secure with lady jane

Our friend Jane is, as she says, back in the blog saddle today, and in great spirits.

Some of us bloggers here in L.A. have organized some pretty well attended get-togethers, including one that Jane and Pam & I organized at our house in Aug., 2005 that Jane called Kobepalooza.

This picture is from a party at Brian (Ain't No Bad Dude) Linse's house. L to R are: Jane, the back of RJ (Nightlight, HuffPo, skippy & C & L) Eskow's head, David (Fablog) Ehrenstein, Janet Eskow's head, the amazing Leah (Corrente), and Jillian "Cookie Jill" (Cookies in Heaven, skippy) Johnson. And of course, front and center is Kobe the Wonderpooch.

Friendships were established and nurtured, and a sense of community was felt. We all learned from the experience of sharing ideas with really talented and bright writers, and other great folks. From these and other meetings, several of us became front pagers at other blogs: Jane, RJ, John Amato & I at HuffPo, RJ at C & L, me at Corrente, and many more. True friends were found and cherished, and together and separately hopefully we can help change the world.

This is a belated New Year's Wish of hope & joy to blog friends, other friends, and friends I haven't met yet.