Sunday, January 28, 2007

Come on all a'you big strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again

My favorite Right Wing Nut lays a big one today. First comes the bait:
I was too young for the May Day protest against the Viet Nam War held in Washington, D.C. in 1971. My friends and I talked about going for weeks prior to the event, seeing ourselves as something as a cross between Che Guevara and Abbie Hoffman.

(April 1967 war protest rally)
. . . Those not alive at the time cannot fathom the depth of feeling engendered by the anti-war movement. It was magical, powerful, uplifting, and joyous. We thought we were changing the world. We thought we were ushering in a new era of democracy.

But now comes the switch:
What we didn’t know was that the gimlet eyed radicals who were really in charge of the anti-war movement could have cared less about us, about the United States, or about the war for that matter. They wanted to use the anti-war movement to sweep the old guard from power and install like minded socialists in government.

. . . I know what I would do if I actually believed the United States was in danger of slipping into some kind of authoritarian, anti-Constitutional nightmare. And it wouldn’t be sitting at this keyboard trying to come up with cleverest way to skewer my political opponent. And I know I wouldn’t be alone either. The fact is, the left is not blessed with any special insights into what evil George is trying to do to the Constitution. They are a small, pitiful minority of paranoid, self aggrandizing mountebanks who are courageous when it comes to calling people names but abject cowards when it comes to actually standing up for their beliefs and putting iron behind their words of change.

What a load of crap. "I was against the war before I was for it"!

First, no one on the right is doing any street action at all. Maybe there are still a few ├╝ber-patriotic misfits standing on a few corners waving "Support The Troops" signs. But nothing of any significance.

(CNN/AP image)

But because we don't shout loud enough to satisfy your perverse sense of proportion, we are "unserious". Because 75% of the electorate sides with us, we are "unserious". Because everything your guy has done, supported by the entirety of the Republican Pity Party hasn't worked, we are not worthy.

The logic fails, your ideals fail, you utterly fail in an attempt to paint us as weak:
As it stands now, you’re all just a bunch of intellectual exhibitionists with as much commitment to ending the war and saving democracy as my pet cat Aramas.

And since you don't believe " the United States was in danger of slipping into some kind of authoritarian, anti-Constitutional nightmare", you do just sit in front of your keyboard and write oh-so-serious crap like this.

You would hate and have no respect for the left no matter what we did, whether we blogged, or protested in numbers large enough to meet your flexible standards for importance.
And I know I wouldn’t be alone either.

Dude, other than your brethern and cistern(intentional sic) in the Right Wing Wankosphere, you are pretty much alone.

Bastard. Poor, deluded bastard.