Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time has come today, and my soul has been psychedelicized

The Chambers Bros. are really much greater than their current visibility would indicate. Fusing '60s soul and funk with guitar-driven rock, they were pretty unique.

I played in a Top-40 band in '68 called Summer (yeah, I know) and we played "Time Has Come Today". It was my freak-out piece, I took a 10 minute guitar solo, thrashing my Les Paul, bouncing it off the stage and generally acting like a fool. But it was fun.

I always thought the lyric "and my soul has been psychedelicized" spoke to the '60s white rock audiences embracing the music of Hendrix, Sly Stone, etc., as something they had just discovered instead of music that had developed organically and naturally while they weren't looking.

Regardless, "Time Has Come Today" is pretty special.

And migawd, the vocal! Damn!