Sunday, January 14, 2007

I support the left, but I'm leaning to the right

I'm not sure how it happened. But it must have. I suddenly became a conservative.

What else would explain this email I received:

Dear Conservative Leader,

As you may know, Section 220 of S1, the lobby reform bill, would effectively silence many grassroots organizations by subjecting them to onerous registration and reporting requirements which actually exceed what is required of the big lobbyists in Washington, D.C.

Now, Senators Robert Bennett (R-UT), John Cornyn (R-TX), Jon Kyl (R-AZ), and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) have co-sponsored Amendment 20 to S 1, which would remove Section 220 from the bill.

Please call both of your United States senators and tell them to support Amendment 20 to S 1, to delete the regulations on grassroots communications from the lobbying reform bill. Here’s what you can say when you call:

I oppose efforts to regulate my First Amendment rights and to silence critics of Congress.

Please vote for Amendment 20 sponsored by Senator Bennett and others to remove Section 220 from S. 1, the lobbying reform bill.

OK. Well. And who is this from, the person who is calling me a "conservative leader"?
Richard Viguerie.
The man who helped found the "Moral Majority", who wrote the book pictured above, the man who:
In 1977 he worked on a project to raise money for Sun Myung Moon's Children's Relief Fund, which reportedly only received 6.3% of the $1,508,256 raised. $920,000 went to Viguerie according to New York State charity auditors.[2][3]

yet has the balls to say:
Viguerie's comment on the Mark Foley scandal: "This isn't an isolated situation. It is only the most recent example of Republican House leaders doing whatever it takes to hold onto power. If it means spending billions of taxpayers' dollars on questionable projects, they'll do it. If it means covering up the most despicable actions of a colleague, they'll do it.

Dude, looked in any mirrors lately? Oh, wait, you probably won't see anything.

I'm not sure how I got on his email list. I even emailed my good friend Brad Friedman with the shocking news of my apparent conservative conversion, and found out the he also got the same email! Pretty weird.

First David Horowitz, now Viguerie. Jeez, it gives me the creeps. But it also gives me some additional insight into the dark world of the movement conservatives trying to take over the country, so I guess, forewarned is forearmed.

Oh, and look who the co-sponsors of the amendment mentioned are: Kyl, Cornyn, McConnell. there are some fine minds.