Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Hey Joe, where you going with that gun in your hand

From Joke Line over at his brandy-new Time blog called Swampland:
I love it! First day of Swampitude and the left-wing blogosphere--which is overpopulated by illiberal leftists and reactionary progressives--is already attacking me: 24 mostly mingy comments about my Left Behind post, many of which seem to be steaming off a post by Greg Sargent, who writes a blog called The Horse's...Mouth.
The illiberal left just hates it when I point out that the Democratic Party's naivete on national security--and the left wing tendency to assume every U.S. military action abroad is criminal--just aren't very helpful electorally.

Aw, that's so cute! But before the fisking begins, note this statement:
...24 mostly mingy comments...

Whew. 24 whole comments! Here's the thing though. The header for the piece looks like this:
19:34 pm
Now that I have your attention
7:34 pm on Monday, Jan. 8th, we can assume that the gnomes who moderate the comments have been way too busy polishing Joe's beard to free those missing comments.

Oh, and another point: If you're going to be all cool, hip, and international by using 24 hour time, please note that that eliminates the need to PM/AM suffixes. 19:34 means nothing other than 7:34 PM.

Onto serious issues: The Democratic Party's naivete on National Security is a myth, promoted by left-haters like you and Mickey Kaus (Mickey is a really nice guy, and can handle a debate). The Democratic Party did pretty well in WWII, for one example. But they have had exactly zero input into anything related to policy since '94 when Newt and his Contract On America came into power. Newt was swept away by scandal and hubris, but the Meme has stuck.

But here's a little idea to ponder, oh wise man of Washington: If the Left, who largely opposed the war had had control, we would not have lost 3000 American soldiers, and would not be facing civil war in Iraq and a maturing radicalism in Iran chafing at the bit to take on a weakened Iraq and Middle East in general.

Oh, but wait...had we followed that course, we would have been criticized by you for not taking decisive action. Wrong, but decisive action.

And this:
...left wing tendency to assume every U.S. military action abroad is criminal...

Proof, dude. Show me anyone on the left, with the exception of Kucinich, who protested attacking Afghanistan after 9/11. That's Limbaugh-speak, not honest debate. And that's only one example.

Face it, Joe. If you say things which are immediately disproveable, you're going to take some heat. Deal with it.

...illiberal leftists and reactionary progressives...

What the hell does that mean? No points for coining phrases that are just stupid.