Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Creatures shaped this planet's soil, now their reign has come to an end

Sometimes it just writes itself. The always thoughtful Rick at RightWingNuthouse:
America awoke the day after the election and realized that kicking the GOP out of power was only part of the problem. The other half of the electoral bargain – passing the baton to the Democrats – has so far, proven to be something of a disappointment.


Seeing as the Democrats have what those of us who work in Electronics call "potential". Potential energy is the kind stored in a battery but unused, or like water behind a closed faucet: you know it's there, but until it's connected to something, it exists strictly as potential.

In January the battery will be connected to the iPod; the faucet will be opened. And "current" will begin to flow. And like a tidal wave, all the former GOP Committee chairs will become Ranking Members. Except for James Inhofe (R-Global Warming is a Myth), who, if John Warner has his way, will swept away from his leadership position (yeah, I can't stop laughing either) on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee.

Back to Rick. Unleashing the dreaded "I'm rubber, you're glue" defense, he goes on:
Rarely has a party come to power as the Democrats have with such a paucity of ideas on how to cure what ails us. You can hardly blame them. Their electoral strategy involved keeping their mouths shut while the Republicans self-destructed and events in Iraq played out to their advantage. Not a brilliant battle plan but it worked to perfection – with the help of Mark Foley and the media-savvy insurgents and terrorists who have made Baghdad and its environs a hell on earth.

Unfortunately, now that they are poised to run the legislative branch of government, the lack of specificity about what they intend to do about Iraq, about Iranian nukes, about a slowly deteriorating situation in Afghanistan is coming back to haunt them. This has further soured the mood of our fellow citizens and we approach the holiday season with some trepidation and many questions unanswered.


So I guess since we don't support a new "Contract on America" and "Stay the Course", and because we can't set committee agenda until January, and we demand talks with North Korea and Iran, we Dems have no ideas.

Except this: Examine reality. Talk about what's really happening. Own up to it. Stop pretending that just another 6 months will fix everything.

If you keep doing the same thing, but continue to expect different results, how sane is that?

We'll end with this from Rick:
The obvious corollary to an American withdrawal is utter and complete chaos in Iraq with not only Shia slaughtering Sunni but also rival Shia militias – the Mahdi Army and Badr Brigades – slaughtering each other in a quest for power.

The obvious fact is that's what is already happening. The only difference is that if Americans leave, it will continue to happen, without any more Americans getting killed.

Sorry, folks, you can't un-wet this bed. It already smells.

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