Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Johnny get angry, Johnny get mad Pt. 2

John, John, John...where was this John Kerry 2 years ago? Mad as hell, and not gonna take it anymore? Sure, the statement was dumb, not up to Chris Rock or Dave Chappelle level, but still, it was hardly as toxic or vile as GWBushCo et al want to make it.

John, when we met with you in May, I asked why you hadn't pushed back harder against the SwiftBoatWankers? I was impressed when you looked me in the eye and said "But I did." You detailed when and how you had responded to them, and that was good.

But dude! This was what I wanted, this was the outrage I had been hoping for back then. That it comes now is great! Don't worry about '08, worry about next Tuesday. Don't listen to consultants, listen to your gut. Say a lot more stuff like this, and who knows, maybe Democrats will take another look at you as the guy who can beat the Republicans.

Thanks, John.

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