Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Bring Back The Boston Rag

Elmer Romney

Mitt Romney, taking a swipe at Bill Clinton to prop up his tottering fortunes on the campaign trail:

...I think kids watch the White House and there have been failures in the past in the White House — if you go back to the Clinton years and recognize that — that I think had an enormous impact on the culture of our country," Romney said.

Funny how those hounds baying at the Big Dog's heels in the long-ago-and-far-away-and-not-terribly-relevant-
seem to be laboring under some moral turpitude of their own at the time and then after, hmmm?

Say, a 'Let's clean up the nest of malfeasants in our own midst' type of approach might be a wee bit more resonant with those members of the voting populace who wouldn't vote for a pet rock, just so long as it promised to ban teh gay connubs, and mandate enforced recreational school prayer.

Just sayin', Mitt...I know primpin' ain't easy.

Gotta dance!


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