Thursday, January 03, 2008

Fafblog Spotting

One of the jewels in Jon Swift's Year End Review of the best of the blogs is I Miss Fafblog, Spot!

I too miss Fafblog, it's the only blog I know of that still attracts comments a year and a half after it's last post.

Ahh, the fond memories I have of the antics of Fafnir, Giblets & The Medium Lobster. From their Grand Opening in March 2003 to their final post in July 2006 he, she, they, it, ... whatever, provided hours and hours of fun for the hole family!

Yes, that's right, even if you lived in a hole with your family, (but had internet access), Fafblog was educational, snarkalicious and inspiring. What more is there to say than their motto was
"This is a good blog. This is the best blog. It is about god and the universe and those horrible screaming monkeys and that time I made a pizza out of an old tire and a can of whip cream. It is the Fafblog."
But even as Fafnir et al dropped the torch, (burning down the house, destroying the village to save it, and causing a conflagration in their congregation that still burns to this day), the folks at I miss Fafablog, Spot! picked up that torch and continue to raze our consciousness.

What was my personal most inspiring episode of Fafblog? I'm so glad I asked:
Counter-Counterpoint: The Key To Victory Is This Great Big Rock

Well I know we can win the Iraq War, an I even know how we can do it. It's a pretty complicated multi-step process an I'm simplifyin it a little bit for everybody here but I got it all spelled out an ready to go an believe you me it's gonna work. The key thing is this real big rock.

First thing you're gonna wanna do is stick a great big pile a terrorist food right over here. Now terrorists just can't resist that delicious terrorist food so they're all gonna come runnin from all over to get to it, an they're all gonna be too busy eatin it to notice that it's sittin on top a this great big painted "X" (see figure 1a).
Read the hole thing and see if Bush or any residential candidates have a better plan.

What's that I say, my favorite post so far of I miss Fafblog, Spot!? That would be this, (but I haven't read the hole thing):
The True Meaning of Christmas

Christmas Eve, Sometime in the Future....

"Yap!" says Spot.

"No no no I’m not telling you!" says me.

"GRR," says Spot.

"STFU! You have to wait ‘til Christmas morning!" says me.

"Whine!" says Spot.

"Shh!" says me.

Spot wags his tail.

"I’m not telling!" says me.

Spot wags his tail.

"Nope," says me. "I won’t talk!"

Spot wags his tail.

"Stop that," says me.

Spot wags his tail.

I pretend to cave:

"Ok fine!" says me. "It’s a box of Pupperoni…"

Spot sniffs the package and growls.

I try misdirection:

"You got me. It’s a really a box of soggy old cigar butts," says me.

Spot howls.

I flat out lie:

"OK OK! Dangit! It’s a special-order New-Guinean dried-gourd phallocarp, custom made by highly skilled native craftsmen from only the finest materials expressly for a very spoiled dog!"

Spot starts tearing up.

I give up:

"Just kidding. It's a box of ham. Merry Christmas, Spot."

Spot runs around the room joyfully.

The End
And in case you were wondering, yes, I am a sick puppy.

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