Sunday, January 06, 2008

On board, I'm the captain, so climb aboard

In New Hampshire this morning on the teevee, John McCain was climbing into GWBush's pants pockets for warmth as he again embraced the wonderful Iraq war and recent surge. From GottaLaff's notes at Cliff Shecter's place:
On Bush: I criticize him but we haven't had another attack since 9/11. "He unites us."

On Iraq and his 100-year remark: "If Americans aren't dying" it's fine to stay in Iraq. "It's not American presence, it's American casualties" that bother Americans. Tim: So permanent bases are acceptable? McP: "If necessary." Re, the surge: "I was right."

On voting to authorize the war: Hussein was still a threat, U.S. planes were shot at every day [here's why]. "It wasn't whether we went in, my friend, it was how it was handled." I'd still go in. "The 'war', the mission was not a mistake. The handling was a mistake."

Yet according to CNN:
Iraq emerged as the single biggest issue of concern to GOP primary voters, with 29 percent identifying it as such. It was followed by the economy (13 percent); health care (9 percent); foreign policy (6 percent); and immigration (5 percent).

So how's that working for you, Sen. McCain?

The entire right wing of the Republican Party tore American politics apart starting in '94 with the Gingrich-driven "Contract for America". The dislike of the Republicans and fearless leader GWBush has risen to epic proportions as the party has steered itself ever rightward toward endless war and totalitarianism. Sensible people, when clearly lost, would attempt to find a way back to the center, if for no other craven reason than to attract more voters.

Yet the party, represented by sensible, serious, and well-liked McCain, still rushes to embrace the iceberg that has crippled their Titanic. To continue that nautical metaphor (sorry to poach your domain, Sailor!), I hope they're prepared to go down with the ship.


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