Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shouldve realised you know what I know

You Knew I Was a Snake When You Met Me

I have major issues with lies and liars - All the way from so-called 'little white lies' up to egregious canards, the whole gamut of prevarication sickens me.

There are myriad reasons for this: As a parent, I endeavor to raise my children as I was be factual and take the narrower high road in order to develop and enhance one's character, avoiding the cheap allure of a convenient fib told out of shame.

As a person who lives by my word and wishes to be deemed worthy of respect among the circles of society which I travel in, the surest route to a perception of facetious dilettantism on my part would be deliberately self-serving misstatements of fact which any thinking person could easily check and disprove at the expense of my reputation.

And as someone who greatly values honesty in my relationships there is nothing more worthless than deceit, whether offhandedly casual or a more studied maliciousness.
My first marriage lies in a mouldering grave over such calumny.

Now, I have known that open candor and factual discourse on the issues has not been a reliable companion of the Bush administration for quite some time, and thus I cannot profess to be too shocked by the latest revelations regarding their batting average with the truth, but I must say I am impressed with their consistent attempts at mendacity.

They never tell the truth if they can help it...A veritable forest of mendacious mirrors, created for the most base reasons and adhered to brazenly and insouciantly with the whole world watching.

Unfortunately for a well-worn excuse, I don't accept the premise that society needs to be protected from the common truth by its leaders.
Too often and too easily, this excuse is used by advocates of the status quo to cover up unpleasant realities and maintain power and a series of fictions at a greater civilization's expense.

And thus, if there is one lesson I can impart to my American friends and to the world at large, one small bit of wisdom to share without an assignation of scorn or belittlement, it is this:

Liars always lie.
Don't believe them.
Never trust them.
And truth is the best disinfectant for the virus they harbor.

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