Tuesday, January 01, 2008

But still I fear and still I dare not, Laugh at the Madman

Not that I want to pile on Mike Huckabee (and there's nothing gay about that statement), but what the heck, he's such an easy target.

My friend Nicole Belle at Crooks & Liars wrote yesterday:
Mike Huckabee is desperately trying to prove that he has more on the ball than Bush had back in 2000 when he couldn’t name the leader of Pakistan. Talk about setting a low bar for yourself.

So when asked about a foreign policy statement made several months ago that focused more on Pakistan than the then-neocon terrorism target-du jour, Iran, Huckabee insisted that his perspicuity was the result of “prophetic” understanding of our challenges in the “War on Terror”™.

See, this is Huckabee speaking in code. When a right-wing fundie says "prophetic", he's not speaking any more about the main prophets. Instead, today, he's speaking of Revelations, the acid-trip at the end of the Bible that they're always trying to define. And even this is code, because within all the "number of the beast" stuff and other verbiage, the bottom line is Israel, all Israel all the time.

And even that is the height of hypocrisy, because the evangelicals think Jewish folks are going to Hell. It's just that the Bible mentions a few times that Jews are the "chosen people", so the fundies want to stay in their good graces, because the fear is that when it all comes down, the Rapture (invented, BTW, in the 1800's) and the second coming, the Jews may just have some advantage that Christians don't have access to.

That's the whole reason for the evangelical support of Israel; it may be to the Christian's celestial benefit to have kosher friends at the end of times. Even if they're going to hell. Too bad for them.

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