Thursday, January 10, 2008

I'm tired of the devil, I'm tired of this stuff

A comment at HuffPost that bears consideration, sadly:
I deal with race every day, 24/7. I am held to unachievable double standards on the job; my education attainment is minimized; and many whites view me as threat--a drug dealer, crack head, thug--until proven otherwise. I have had to explain to my young children why the white security officer was following us around the store (so closely his cheap cologne is irritating my children"s noses)--from the entrance to the exit. White women hold their purses tighter when they see me approach or lock their doors. My daughter's high school classroom is segregated. Many schools in Georgia still hold separate proms, dances and other school functions. My wife is a dental hygienist; she has to accept the fact that some white people do not want a black person's hand in their mouth.

Do you (white America) deal with these issues 24/7?

I say America is not ready, because I hold out hope for the day it is ready. But the truth may be that America will never be ready to elect a black to the highest public office in the land.

That makes me so sad.

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