Thursday, January 03, 2008

Two Faced People, How Wicked You Are

Knight In Sacred Service

So I hear that Mike Huckabee (my favorite bass hack du jour) has decided to cross WGA picket lines to chinwag with Leno, blow smoke up each others heinies and pretend to be relevant to more than 20% of the registered voters for 8 minutes between commercials.

Why, he might even take it to the stage and emotionally bowdlerize a classic rock ditty to show how 'with it' he is to the Viagra generation.
Bet he watches his hands when he plays those demanding 8th notes in Born To Be Wild again.

An assumption here, that his semi-pro gig with Capitol Offence is a non-union one, so the AF of M local may not have an interest in what might be viewed as scabby behavior - But the Writer's Guild asked him not to come on, and he ignored them...Real salt of the earth sentiments there.

I am utterly unenthused with this 'aw-shucks-I-didn't-know-I'm-just-a-simple-God-fearin'-country boy-a'governoratin'...' stance that Huckabee puts forth.

It's redefining pious credulity as willful stupidity.

He loves having it both ways...Letting some killer free to strike again so as to appease Clinton haters while donning a saintly mask of forgiveness...Touting some miracle diet as the source of his prodigious weight loss while secretly having alleged bariatric surgery performed...Telling reporters about his high-minded decision not to show an attack ad against one of his opponents - Then showing it to them so they'll talk about it and make him look like such a wise shepherd while his noxious talking points float in the room like a lazy, wet fart ...Indicating his awareness of the work action by WGA on the very show he is scheduled to be on, then pretending he doesn't know a picket line is in place.

Golly gee shucks, what's a simple man to do?

His supporters might do well to ask themselves - Is that your candidate...Really?
If so, which of the two faces he has will you be voting for?

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