Thursday, January 17, 2008

Get around round round I get around

In this episode I get around blogtopia*:

In the "nice work if you can get it" category ThinkProgress reports
Former Attorney General: Ashcroft’s No-Bid Contract Was ‘As Wrong As It Can Be’

Last fall, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Chris Christie awarded his former boss, John Ashcroft, a lucrative no-bid contract to “monitor a large corporation willing to settle criminal charges out of court.” Ashcroft’s consulting company is set “to receive payments of $28 million to $52 million” in the deal, one of the biggest payouts ever reported for a federal monitor.
Crooks & Liars reminds us that the GOP is hard on rhetoric but soft on terrorists
Former Republican Congressman indicted in terrorist fund-raising conspiracy!
The best/worst part? It wasn't even his money, it was from the U.S. Agency for International Development.

And we would be Fairly Unbalanced if we didn't mention our friend from across the Ailes aisle Jon Swift. Somehow his piece "Jonah Goldberg's Shining (Liberal Fascism with LOLCats)" was eliminated and then restored by Google. We feel his pain, (well, not like we feel our pain, but you get the idea.)

And of course I Miss Fafablog, Spot, and their Rentlord catches something I think we all miss(ed):
FEC enters election season without quorum

As the U.S. 2008 primaries begin, the Federal Election Commission has effectively shut down, without enough members for a quorum.

the FEC, with four vacancies, is unable to take any action, including suing or issuing binding opinions or regulations, The Christian Science Monitor reported.

That is also likely to delay the implementation of the Honest Leadership and Open Government Law, which requires more information from lobbyists who arrange bundled campaign contributions. Bush signed the bill last September
And last but never least, we direct you to the bLAWg of our favorite, (probably because he's the only one that actually responds to our emails,) Justice of the California Court of Appeal, (apparently in CA you only get one appeal), Justice Bedsworth and his Criminal Waste of Space. Sheesh, how can I not include Beds, who writes things like this regarding The Queen of Mean
She was worth something like five billion dollars. Five billion. That's the number five followed by a parade of zeroes and commas and floats and marching bands.
And tha, tha, tha, that's all folks!

*y, wksctp!

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