Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Hidden King of Rock 'n' Roll

Who am I...?

I have a piece of paper in a broken frame, earned over twenty years and several lives ago, with my name and the words 'professional bass player' juxtaposed into a mutual context.
I have spent more than half my life fingering notes on thick strings in a form dictated by the needs of the music.
Even in retirement, it's an obsession for a thing I cannot name, stolen from me by the vagaries of fate and the lies in someone's eyes.

What I have to say is the most stinging criticism I can levy toward another who shares my abiding interest.

Mike, that didn't swing...AT ALL. You didn't even try to sync up with the house bassist.

For God's sake man, tap your feet. And never mind your hands, the drummer's kick foot holds far more engrossing mysteries. Smells, too.

Learn from this, and sin no more.


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