Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Curb Your Dogs


An avuncular word to a country I care about very much.

I know times are tough, and getting tougher by the second. Frustrations run high when the loaf on the table gets smaller every week, or doesn't even appear at all. But I want to pull your coat about something, and I'm not going to be kind or easy.

Today, I saw this item, and I must confess that I am somewhat disappointed in America at the moment.

Don't tell me it's just some random event, because it damn well isn't. This person represents your country at the interface between it and the rest of the world, and to have them spout such low-grade right-wing radio stupidities while failing to perform their duties is a troubling reminder of how jingoistic and isolationist the U.S.A. can be when the pressure mounts.

The only thing that is going to restore whatever you had before you lost it is enlightened interdependence. People helping people. Countries helping countries.
You need the rest of the world to help you get back on track and you cannot afford (especially considering the level of debt you are in and to whom it is owed) to have your representatives alienating those whom are attempting to add to your success rather than steal from it, such as your elected representatives have done.

Canada is your largest trading partner. Who else will buy your goods in such vast quantities and create a circle of success yet again, should the shoulders of your country once more be put to the grindstone? Albania?

Smarten the fuck up, America. Don't make us bury you - it has taken so long for you to begin bringing yourselves back from the Abyss.