Monday, March 02, 2009

Major Tom to ground control

Any readers here who live in Illinois' 5th Congressional District, you're really lucky. You have a true-blue progressive running there, Tom Geoghegan :
It is rare in any election we are given a clear choice for change, not just on a specific issue, but a philosophy. Tom has been endorsed across the Internet and Progressive community. “The Nation” magazine endorsed him early. Tom Frank wrote a excellent piece in the Wall Street Journal, and Joe Conason just wrote another strong endorsement in “Salon.”

Why have Progressives united around Tom? He’s the only one who understands the tough economy we’re in. Tom doesn’t want to give more bailout money to the banks, he wants to help people get out of debt. Tom wants the banks to cut their interest rates on credit cards and cancel the outrageous charges and late fees. And if we’re going to be forgiving the banks their debts, let’s start forgiving some of the student loans graduates are saddled with and lessen their debt.

Tomorrow, you have a real Progressive choice. Let’s elect Tom to Congress.
A bunch of us L.A. bloggers met with Tom a few weeks ago, and we were all, as I wrote before, knocked out. This guy is smart, committed, has real progressive ideas and answers, and is absolutely the real thing.