Tuesday, December 18, 2007

and we'll keep on fighting to the end

Chris Dodd this evening after the FISA bill is pulled:

Here's the thing, candidates. This is what we want. All the glowing, lofty rhetoric is nice, except that it's meaningless unless you do something to bring it to fruition:
  • Out of Iraq doesn't mean 5-10 years.
  • No telecom amnesty doesn't mean retroactive immunity.
  • Bi-partisan doesn't mean Republicans rule.
  • National health care doesn't mean insurance companies dictate rules.
  • Less oil dependence doesn't mean record profits/tax breaks for Exxon.
So far, Dodd, despite low poll numbers, is the only candidate who has indicated he's willing to stand up to the Bushies, as well as the defeatist wing of the Democratic Party.

Other candidates would do well to watch, and learn.