Sunday, December 30, 2007

Written In Blood

Sangre De Kristol

Anecdotal evidence suggests that the New York Times has contracted William Kristol to begin penning some sort of advice column to lovelorn conservatives in the new year - The Miss Cleo of the NeoCons.

What...You didn't think he was going to offer fact-based screeds on 'events of the day', did you?
After all, this man has been an aggressively ambitious shill for every greed-soaked policy concocted by neoconservatives, and has been demonstrably wrong with every prediction made...Yet he shrugs it off nonchalantly, even insouciantly, for those who suffer as a result of his mendacity are not those who matter to him or those he serves.

He doesn't even like the newspaper that has offered to take up the slack in his wallet created by his earlier cashiering from Time magazine - Thus, how much credibility does this situation offer either party... Exactly?

Obviously Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. needn't hire Kristol to hew closely to established truths, by dint of the fact that empirically received wisdom is so 'twentieth century' now...Strictly for geeks and squarebritches.

We find ourselves living in the New Unreality - Whatever one chooses to believe in the grip of their fever dreams is real, because they believe and declare it so, thus no further proof need be offered, and the world has no choice but to accept this unquestioningly...And should the world be so unwise as to refuse acceptance, extreme force is perfectly justifiable when brought to bear on such recalcitrance.

This is yet another example of civilization's early onset dementia, the return to a Darker Age as critical thinking and logical analysis of data is subsumed by infantile wish fulfillments metastasized into the public discourse and accepted as factual perceptions by the mass.
There is no more objective reality, a shared group of non-fictive truisms that can be reliably verified...Only the grasping Id of the empowered forcing whatever catches their fancy upon the powerless.

And it will go on without end, unless and until people reject the use of relative morality and situational ethics as convenient solutions to complex issues, and embrace the concept of enlightened interdependence practiced on a scalable level in all affairs.

Meanwhile, I'm sure there are bird cages in need of lining somewhere...But the rancid scribblings of William Kristol are not even fit for that type of deployment.