Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Us And Them

Have A Cigar

Greetings, humans. I am known by the nom de plume darkblack.

I would like to thank my pal SteveAudio for his gracious invitation to contribute the occasional bit of whimsy to this fine blog.

By way of introduction, a few less fictional facts about myself.

I am Canadian, a semi-retired musician eking out a meager living on the leeward edge of the 21st century in a place full of indifferent strangers.

In some quarters, I am mildly infamous. This should not be confused with actual talent, however.

I have lived, studied, worked, and travelled in America. I love American music, and American culture, and quite a few of the American people. (You know who you are...Call me)

You will not find disparaging comparisons of the U.S. to Canada from me, because such comparisons would be meaningless, malus et citrus...Aside from sharing a continental border, aspects of popular entertainment, and mutually disadvantageous trade agreements, they are two very different countries and cultures with their own unique prerogatives.

That said, I despise the current federal administration of the United States, not due to the influence of some trite, factitious condition like 'Bush derangement syndrome', but instead through ongoing critical observation and analysis of their deleterious causes and effects.

It is my considered opinion that this administration has been tasked to kill off this inconvenient democracy of yours by their masters and peers, for cash and prizes...And that they are perilously close to succeeding.

Yet 'all I can do is write about it', at this time. Americans, fortunately, can do more.

I look forward to entertaining you and infuriating you in equal measure, if I can.

'On with the motley'