Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Rockin' around the Christmas tree

Kevin Hayden at American Street has been doing a great job posting Christmas music, so I'm taking that as a challenge.

Here's one that has to be played. Hokey, yet heart in the right place:

I've played guitar most of my life, pretty darned well, if you ask me. And every now and then you find someone who pushes the instrument beyond all logical possibilities. Zack Kim "White Christmas":

Some songs are owned by their most notable singers. Skippy and I have a fun ongoing debate about this. Here's a song (not the original recording) that belongs to Brenda Lee, no one else can ever dare to sing it, especially no one named Simpson:

While we're on the guitar idea, here's Chet playng "Away in a Manger" better than anyone else:

And last for tonight, here's Steve Perry's Christmas Album. No really, it's Steve, I swear. Just check it out: