Sunday, December 02, 2007

We're little black sheep who have gone astray, baa, baa, baa

(image borrowed from DVRepublic)

My friend darkblack continues with and adds to the "Larry Elder is a liar(subset: Liberal Media is supporting the Left)" thought:
But let us accept for an argument the sub rosa conservative premise that liberal thought does indeed infest the news divisions and reporter's pools, and is stealthily manipulating an easily gulled public into substantial revision of their personally held beliefs.

What does this say about conservative attitudes toward that same public? Does it imply, 'Fortunately, an enlightened populace seeking a balanced viewpoint rejects this sort of claptrap out of hand'?

Or, 'Luckily, sweet impartial reason, filled to bursting with informed oversight nips this communistic drivel in the bud'?

No, it does not.

It says...'You, the public, are too stupid and consumerly to analyze and filter anything past horoscopes and The Family Circus. Thus, we must drive our talking point home before our opponents do, over and over, again and again, until you accept our filter on your subjective perception and adopt our viewpoint as your own - Because you are sheep in need of a shepherd, and we are shepherds in need of fleece and lambchops.'

That, folks, is the most poetic home run I've heard in a long time. Hit the ball right into the rockpile in center field (Angels fans know what I'm talking about).

I mean, that tired meme, expressed for eyars no matter who's in charge of the government, that the insidious and disloyal 'liberal media' are out to (insert outrageous complaint here). If that were the case, why have so many Right-wing idiots come to power in the last 27 years.

Jeebus, I'm tired of that refrain from "The Mighty Wurlitzer" of the Right. But far more importantly, so is the clear majority of America.

That's a beautiful thing. For as darkblack finishes:
Over 50% of the registered voters in the United States, 62 million people, voted for George Bush in 2004 not because a 'liberal media's web of lies' were so easily seen through and reacted against.

All the facts as we know them today were on the table then...The corruption, the cronyism, the incompetence, the lies that led to war...It was all there, and it wasn't being reported on.

Who benefited from that lack of reportage... exactly?


And to hear them sing baa, baa, baa, I present The Whiffenpoofs: