Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Primary B.F.D.

Primary BFD

Doesn't it mine a richer vein of irony that one 'leading candidate' endorses a failed foreign policy as a stratagem to outflank his opponent who holds no real foreign policy ideas, merely because he cannot steal the threadbare credibility that the other's religious faith gives him among a minor segment of the voting population...And thus, he must adopt a stance that has garnered collapsing respect at home and even less credibility abroad, merely to provide 'contrast' for the credulous voters.

How sublimely unclever. One gets the sense that if sufficiently provoked through fear or greed that these empty vessels might say and do anything that could filch them the slim advantage necessary to eke out their brittle triumph over the other punchinellos in the right-wing electoral circus.

And all for naught, I suspect...the final raid on the henhouse of international goodwill by the glassy-eyed predators of profit that has climaxed in this decade is drawing to a close, with pardons and protections to come for all the participants as a last defiant act before the taxi to the terminal zone arrives.

Now, these unfortunate tidings might portend (to the cogent among us) an increased need for, if not outright benevolence, then at minimum a effort at comity of nations formed from the rest of the world towards America while the Great Repair commences...Yet these inconvenient realities are discarded out of hand by happy-faced gladhanders in order to maintain some fiction for the jingo-jangling yahoos that the beloved assymetrical hegemony of the last two decades might continue apace, with no commercial breaks.

What a sharp surprise awaits...Nothing like the smell of fresh-baked humble pie in the morning of America, eh, Aunt Bee?