Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Me, and a gun, and a man on my back

Today's fresh Huckabee revelations ought to have some effect on his popularity. As darkblack notes below, and as we've written before here and here, Huckabee is either a full-fledged member of the "fever swamp" as Kevin Drum calls it, or was unduly influenced by the now clearly apparent "vast Right-wing conspiracy" that set out to discredit any-and-everything Clinton. As Nicole says:
Holy cow, it’s unbelievable how far the right wing’s obsession about the Clenis goes. Huckabee is desperately trying to put daylight between himself and Dumond because Dumond’s release was all about discrediting Clinton. . .

In 1988 Mike Dukakis was "Willie Hortoned" over a similar but less egregious situation; Dukakis hadn't intervened in Horton's parole, while Huckabee was directly responsible for Dumond's release. This effectively ended Dukakis' political career, but those were simpler times, when right was right and wrong was whatever Lee Atwater decided it was.

Will the Right-wing desert Huckabee over this issue? They ought to, but I remain unsure. The 24%ers, as I've said here before, will always vote for a Right-winger no matter what evidence of evil exists. The same people would have voted for GWBush back in 2004 even if he had appeared at a fund-raiser naked and screwed their children on the stage. Somehow they would spin this into "a fearless leader", or "steely-eyed rocketman".

Face it, certifiably bat-shit crazy is OK, as long as he's our crazy. And the bar is set so low today that I think it's going to take more than this for Huckabee to implode. I mean, if Giuliani is still standing after his 9/11 perfidy and serial affair transgressions were exposed, it'll take more than a few murdered women on Huckabee's resume to bring him down.