Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kidd's Booty

Pic and more info from here.
IU team finds fabled pirate ship

A team of experts from Indiana University announced today they have discovered one of the most storied treasure ships of the pirate age.
Capt. William Kidd was at first hired by the British government to raid enemy shipping in the 1600s. But after capturing the heavily laden Quedagh, he was accused of turning pirate. He sailed the ship to the Caribbean, where he offloaded most of her loot and left her in the care of a small crew in 1699 while he headed to New York in a doomed effort to clear his name.

Kidd was eventually executed and the fate of the Quedagh had remained uncertain until Beeker's discovery.
Wow! Not bad for a landlocked university in the Midwest!

A tip o' the cocked hat to Dr. Beeker and his team.

(BTW, you Googlers who got here by mistyping Kidd's Booty should be ashamed of yourselves! But thanks for the traffic.)

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